We begin a new chapter in the tale of Jaffa soap saturated with Jaffa perfume.

Nuzha soap is a Jaffa based company, established in 2020 by Alia Abou Shmeiss. Alia is an innovator and entrepreneur leading local and international initiatives.

With a strong passion for bringing ideas into reality and a great love for her city Jaffa, she has decided to bring the age-old tradition of soap production to life. The art of making soaps has always fascinated her, and making natural soaps for herself, her family and friends has become a habit. She has studied the secrets of the ancient art of soap making.

Alia and her team produce Nuzha’s personalized nourishing, beautifully-scented soap from Jaffa using all-natural ingredients including pure essential oils and herbs Especially bay leaf, mint and orange peels.

Nuzha Soap is produced after research and selection of the formula of the oils. Theses steps are very important for the development of facial soap.

Nuzha soap for hands and body.

Nuzha soap for facial and body skin.

We create and manufacture 100% natural and unique handmade soaps with great delight and passion.

The feel of Jaffa on your skin.

Driven by our strong sense of values, our agenda is to make a difference towards awareness of the use and consumption of natural materials. Our goal is to penetrate with the new brand and strive to build an international brand.